Sunday, October 26, 2008

Warrior Writers: from Warriors to Artists

Listen to or download, "Warrior Writers: from Warriors to Artists"

Iraq Vets Against War's Drew Cameron, Eli Wright, Jon Turner, share their poetry and art at San Francisco's Beat Museum. Their artistry urges listeners to understand the effects of war on their lives and the lives of the invaded.
As part of an artists' collaborative, the Combat Paper project, they are touring US and sharing their poetry and prose. They also present their artwork in the form of hand crafted paper made from military uniforms created in the collaborative Combat Paper Project in the Green Door Studio.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Andrew Lichtermann on US/India Agreement; Peace Poet Mary Rudge

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Andrew Lichtermann is a policy analyst with Western States Legal Foundation who has spent decades studying and researching issues of nuclear technology and disarmament. With the recent agreement between the US and India that gives India access to U.S. nuclear technology in return for inspections of its civilian nuclear facilities, Lichtermann is digging further into what is actually underway between the two countries, including far-reaching cooperation that goes beyond an apparently simple agreement on future energy.

Poet laureate Mary Rudge shares what she has learned on her world travels spreading the poetry of peace and how people outside the US view those of us inside.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ongoing effects of war: Lisa Tice, spouse, and Tyler Boudreau, author

Listen to or download, "Ongoing effects of war: Lisa Tice, spouse, and Tyler Boudreau, author"

Lisa Tice married Steven Tice, a war veteran disabled in Vietnam. Four decades later Lisa shares her perspective on her journey with Steve and how, together, they created a loving family despite the ongoing effects of war. Lisa offers her insight and experiences to today's veterans and their families and suggests routes to healing. (Listen to Steven Tice's interview on the Raising Sand Radio website.)

Tyler Boudreau spent 12 years with the Marine Corps, from enlistee to Captain. After a tour of duty to Iraq, Tyler resigned his commission, left the Marines and wrote a book. Packing Inferno: the Unmaking of a Marine shares his journey and can be purchased at Deeper Than War.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Steven Tice, a War Vet as National Treasure

Listen to or download, "Steven Tice, a War Vet as National Treasure"

Steven Tice was a young soldier severely wounded in one of the most horrific battles of the Vietnam War, Hamburger Hill. Four decades later, he is a National Treasure sharing his experiences of war and healing with today's war veterans.

After an extensive convalescence Steven married, returned to college for a graduate education, became a father for the first time...and found his marriage suffering too. Counselors at a local Veterans' Center encourage Steven to understand what had happened to him in war. When he did, Steven went on to become a counselor to war vets too. In this show he shares his experiences of war from the lens of compassion honed over four decades.