Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jackie Carbasso on Nuclear Free Future

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August 2008 is the first annual Nuclear Free Future month. Jackie Carbasso of Western States Legal Foundation reviews the history of nuclear weapons disarmament and the state of this movement today. Learn how you can participate in this month long event raising awareness about just how deeply enmeshed we are in the nuclear industry and its products.

Western States Legal Foundation
Nuclear Free Future

Saturday, July 12, 2008

BayPeace: Truth in Military Recruiting

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Four youth activists discuss participating in a bus tour to military bases on the west coast. Arwa, Phyllis, Luis, and Derek present their views on military recruiting and what they learned on the first ever tour of its kind in the nation. Bringing diverse ways of looking at military recruiting these young people ask deep questions about the direction of the United States military and their responses to it.

Karen Button reports on Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan

Listen to or download, "Karen Button reports on Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan."

With the media in the U.S. covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for about 2 minutes a week, it is essential that the plight of refugees is brought to the attention of Americans. Independent reporter Karen Button updates listeners on the status of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan and highlights the hardships they face: food rationing, rules and regulations covering visas, sex trafficing young women, and the horrors facing couples in "mixed marriages" - once an acceptable facet of Iraq's diverse society.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

U.S. Prisons. Part 1: Thousand Kites and Prison Literature Projects

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The first of a series on prisons and prisoners in the United States today.

Artist, activist, and radio D.J. Nick Szebula of the Thousand Kites project discusses the impact of prisons in his small Appalachian town. These corporate owned and managed facilities not only use up natural resources such as land and water, they also impact the psychological health. Hear how Nick and his art community reach out to prisoners over the airwaves.

Bruno Ruhland is a founder member of the twenty-year-old Prison Literature Project that mails books to prisoners all over the United States. In return, prisoners share their thanks and thoughts in letters that we air during the show.

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