Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is Alameda going broke?

An Interview with City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy, City Auditor Kevin Kearney and Resident Ken Peterson

September 5, 2012:  
City Treasurer Kevin Kennedy, City Auditor Kevin Kearney and Ken Peterson, a small business owner in Alameda representing the voice of a concerned Alameda resident, discuss Alameda's finances.

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Paul Kibel on Alameda Point's Wildlife Restoration

18 July, 2012
Paul Kibel
is professor of environmental and natural resources law at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. Kibel is interested in Alameda Point - the former Navy base in San Francisco Bay - in his capacity as Co-director of the law school's Center on Urban Environmental Law - or CUEL. CUEL has undertaken independent research and analysis on land use and open space issues pertaining to Alameda Point...including the publication, in 2011, of a color brochure outlining open space, habitat and parkland opportunities at the former Naval Station.
For easy access to the 44 min show, use the Player below. It is divided into:

  • Part 1 - the Navy, City officials, and CUEL's vision - and
  • Part 2 - the VA, the Biological Opinion, City offers EBRPD a $6million purchase price for land the Navy is giving the City for free. 
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Read documents mentioned in this show:
Kibel's Letters to Navy re Alameda Point

Long-term RAB Member George Humphreys Discuss the Cutback in RAB Meetings

The EPA describes the role of a Restoration Advisory Board as, "an expansion of DoD's Technical Review Committee concept. The boards are a forum for exchange of information and partnership among citizens, the installation, EPA, and State. Most importantly, they offer an opportunity for communities to provide input to the cleanup process. It is our view that RABs will improve DoD's cleanup program by increasing community understanding and support for cleanup efforts, improving the soundness of government decisions, and ensuring cleanups are responsive to community needs." George Humphreys has served on the Restoration Advisory Board for more than a decade. In 2011, the Navy cut back on City of Alameda (CA) RAB meetings and Humphreys shares his concern about the Superfund site and what it may mean to the clean up with fewer meetings and less resident oversight.

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