Tuesday, July 8, 2008

U.S. Prisons. Part 1: Thousand Kites and Prison Literature Projects

Listen to or download "U.S. Prisons: Thousand Kites and Prison Literature Projects."

The first of a series on prisons and prisoners in the United States today.

Artist, activist, and radio D.J. Nick Szebula of the Thousand Kites project discusses the impact of prisons in his small Appalachian town. These corporate owned and managed facilities not only use up natural resources such as land and water, they also impact the psychological health. Hear how Nick and his art community reach out to prisoners over the airwaves.

Bruno Ruhland is a founder member of the twenty-year-old Prison Literature Project that mails books to prisoners all over the United States. In return, prisoners share their thanks and thoughts in letters that we air during the show.

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