Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 15: Live from anti-war rally and die-in, Washington D.C.

Listen to or download "Live from anti-war rally and die-in, Washington D.C."

Segments of this show are recorded live from the steps of the U.S. Capital building.

Vet for Peace, writer and spokesman Ward Riley describes Saturday's (Sept 15) anti-war rally and die-in.

Also, decorated Iraq vet and AWOL Sgt. James Circello describes why he is risking arrest in Washington to tell Americans about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

See video footage with Ward Riley at the D.C. event.
See pictures from the Saturday Sept 14 event.

Mothers and families are overwhelmingly affected by war yet their voices are seldom heard. A review of how mothers in US, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine are faring.

Remembering Vet for Peace David Cline who died September 15. Ward Riley says, "David is here with us today [at anti-war protest]. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way and this day honors his work and his memory."
Play clip of "Peace has no Borders" as David Cline supports Iraq vets in Canada.


Edwin Starr: "War"

Annie and the Vets: "Have you been to jail for justice?", "Mother Speak", "Reach out to one".

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