Saturday, November 29, 2008

War on the Streets of San Francsico and Voices from the Prison System

Listen to or download, "War on the Streets of San Francisco and Voices from the Prison System"

Operation First Casualty simulated war in Union Square in San Francisco on Black Friday. Members of Iraq Veterans Against War, burst into a cafe on the Square and arrested a number of patrons and forced them to kneel while bags were pulled over their heads. The soldiers effectively exhibited the sort of aggression that was demanded of them in Iraq. Listen to a variety of voices attending the action, including casual passers by, a counseling therapist, and the troops themselves.

Troy Davis's capital case goes to an Appeals Court on December 9. We're gratified to air the voice of Martina Correia, Troy Davis's sister and staunch supporter.

And Gloria Johnson is the mother of Montell Johnson who is in currently in Sheridan Correctional Center in Illinois suffering from chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, dementia and medical neglect. Montell also suffers from stage 4 bed sores, a blood infection, and Hepatitis C contracted when he had some teeth extracted which are not directly related to chronic progressive multiple sclerosis. He will not live for much longer but the California and Illinois courts are having trouble releasing him to his mother's care so he can die at home in dignity.

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