Sunday, June 28, 2009

Court Case Dismissed Against Activists

Listen to "Court Case Dismissed Against Activists"

A review of something new possible in Israel and Palestine mediated by Egypt and brokered by US, EU, and UN?

On January 20, 2009 seventy people came to Washington DC with a message for the 111th Congress: End the war. End the Killing. They were referring to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and US sanctioned bombings of Gaza. The group marched in a solemn procession which ended in the atrium of the Hart Senate Building, where they respectfully spoke the names of those who had perished prematurely and unnecessarily.

Police disrupted this Constitutionally protected speech on the grounds of illegal assemble and disorderly conduct.

The court case was dismissed on June 22. On the phone are three activists Pete Perry, Michelle Grise, and Robert Diesu who were in the courtroom.

Also, a brief look at Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, "drones" and what they promise for the future of war.

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