Sunday, March 28, 2010

World Bank Loan will Fund More Coal Pollution and Greenhouse Gas

Listen to "World Bank Loan will Fund More Coal Pollution and Greenhouse Gas"

On April 8 the World Bank will vote on loaning South African energy parastatal Eskom $3.75 billion to build what will be the fourth largest coal burning power plant in the world. This 4,800 MW Medupi power plant will add an estimated 25 million metric tons of CO2 emissions per year to Eskom’s 40 percent share of South Africa’s overall total greenhouse gas emissions.
We talk to environmental activist Sunita Dubey about this loan and the growing world-wide opposition to it. And we hear what Eskom and bank officials are not saying: that there is no such thing as clean coal. If fact, from China to South Africa – where coal seams continue to burn in the ground long after mines have shut down – to India, where a major coal company will present investors an IPO later this year, coal mining and burning devastates land, communities, and people the world over.

For more information or to get involved, go to:
Bank center information
Friends of the Earth
Sierra Club
Watch Sara Belcher's video report, UnderMined

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