Monday, June 28, 2010

More Unpleasant Truth about Oil Companies...and the Governments they Control

Listen to "More Unpleasant Truth about Oil Companies...and the Governments they Control"

Even as people around the world grieve - and protest - the oil soaked catastrophe in the Gulf, oil companies continue with business as usual.

We listen to voices from Hands across the Sands then turn to a little known - at least in the U.S. - region in Western Australia that has "been there, done that." As energy and minerals industries work with state government to open up the pristine wilderness area of the Kimberley, Australian environmentalist work to educate the world about what it may lose. And, they offer alternative visions for the region.

Finally, we explore the the Obama administration's collusion with oil companies' latest adventures in the Arctic: BP's manmade island, "Liberty" avoids the definition of "off-shore"; Shell -- with a disturbing environmental record -- has permits to drill five exploratory wells in the Arctic.
Read Tim Dickinson's Rolling Stone Magazine article, "BP's Next Disaster"
View Australia's 60 Minutes show, "Battle for the Kimberley"

NOTE: two versions of this show, 128 kbps and 24 kbps Mono.

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