Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jailed for Breaking the Lunch Counter Taboo: 50 Year Anniversary

Listen to "Jailed for Breaking the Lunch Counter Taboo: 50 Year Anniversary"

Read the accompanying article, "That Moment People say “No!”

Fifty years ago this month, six people began a 30-day jail sentence for sitting down at the Patterson drugstore lunch counter in Lynchberg, Virginia.
On December 14, 1960, four white and two African American college students— entered the segregated drugstore hoping to convince the owner to let them have coffee together.
The result—the city’s first sit-in—landed the college students in jail, and ignited a firestorm of controversy throughout the city. It also brought the civil rights movement to a head.
We talk with Mary Edith Bentley Abu Saba, one of the Patterson Six.

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